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Your generous donations enable us to provide food, vetenerarian care, hoof care, barn maintenance, stall bedding and other requirements to our donkeys.

How it happened

In July 2007, Joanne was on her photographic tour to Ladakh and Stany's travel company was responsible to organize her tour and stay. One day she questioned Stany on why there were so many stray donkeys, in such pitiable condition, on the streets of Leh. She was saddened to know about their state and the fact that no one was inclined to do anything for these wonderful animals whose jobs were being replaced by machines. Instantly Joanne and Stany knew that they had to do something for these donkeys.

Stany found the right place to build a sanctuary while Joanne organized the funds. She sold her house. Today Stany and Joanne run this sanctuary and plan to accommodate many more donkeys in future.


We appeal to your hearts to help us in which ever way you can. You may donate or sponsor a part of the future projects of “Home for helpless donkeys”.

You or your company can sponsor us financially or sponsor any product depending upon your budget and the requirements of the sanctuary..

For USD 200 or equivalent you can adopt a donkey for a year. You will be given an adoption certificate and a picture of your donkey.

Donkeys (and their cousins asses and mules) are almost as ubiquitous in India as are cows and dogs. And subjects of hard labour and scorn in equal measure. But not even in one’s wildest imagination could one think of a sanctuary for them. It turned out there is one, and in Leh town in Ladakh of all the places.

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